It is fun to write code and rewarding to create great things. Languages I have used in my projects are: PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, ActionScript

QA Engineering

I have years of experience in both automated and manual QA testing procedures. Tools and techniques I've used include: Selenium/Webdriver, Jenkins, JMeter, Python Nosetests, PHPUnit, JMeter, TDD


I love mobile applications, the android platform is a great framework that helps developers form great ideas into great applications. Testing mobile apps is also a very interesting aspect of mobile development.

Software Design

Innovation, experience and attention to detail is required to design great and usable software. I find the process of designing software very interesting and highly rewarding.


Having worked with cloud based web applications for many years, I have created, tested and deployed complex services which include: APIs, Web Dashboards, Web agents, backend systems and third party applications.


I greatly enjoy building beautiful responsive HTML5/CSS3 powered websites and applications; like the one you currenlty browsing.

Developing with Innovation and Passion for Technology.

I am a passionate IT engineer specialised in Web Development and QA Engineering. I love building clean robust applications both on the web and on the mobile platforms and have an eye for Quality Assurance testing.

I have also been actively involved in customer offsite training and Level 3 Technical Support for years, working closely both with Sales engineers and customers.

I have worked as a Scrum Master, gaining leadership and organisational skills. I am comfortable in working under demanding conditions and fast pace environments, and always strive to achieve the best possible result within the given timeframe.

  • Web Development

    I like to creat clean, valid code and develop robust backend systems. I also use S.E.O. techniques

  • QA Automation

    I know the importance of test automation and enjoy creating functional as well as unit tests.

  • Mobile Apps

    I have recently started working on creating and testing mobile apps with the Android platform.

  • Scrum

    I have worked both as a member of a scrum team and also as a scrum master using agile methodologies.

I'd be happy to hear from you.
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Orestiados 17
Neapoli, 567 28
Thessaloniki, Greece

Phone: +30 693 4397 316


Skype: nikosprodro

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